Hi! I am Lynne. I have worked in education for 24 plus years.

ttt_in17I started off as a St Nicholas Montessori International Teacher and worked at Speedwells Montessori with Val and Sarah who were partners with me in our new adventure. We had a fantastic team and were the first Montessori school in the Midlands to be accredited by Montessori.

I went on to qualify as a special needs teacher, and an adult education lecturer, subsequently working in local colleges for many years as part of a teacher trainer team, and with a wide variety of students with different degrees of difficulties.

Throughout this time I also tutored in the evenings and supported parents who were homeschooling, having home-schooled my own children for different periods of time.

I am passionate about teaching; I love teaching all ages and have been supporting home school parents, daytime and evening classes at local colleges, and after school tuition for children and adults for many years.

ttt_in14I believe that all children want to learn, and that many adults feel they can’t!

I believe that given the right conditions and approach, which is not just about teaching, but about relationship, all people can learn, and can reach a personal potential that empowers them.

As an adult teacher trainer/lecturer, Montessori teacher and a special needs teacher, I use predominately multisensory methods which in general work really well, while ensuring the learner feels as if they are being treated with the respect they deserve. I teach in a way that I hope respects the journey of the learner, and the pace at which they need to go, rather than fulfilling a set of rigid criteria, against which the child or student is marked as ‘failing’.

I continue to support parents who are home-schooling their children, which I can do through training the parents how to use different methods to teach their children, or teaching the children in after school or Saturday morning sessions.

ttt_in27I teach adults through individual lessons or workshops, who maybe didn’t quite get ‘it’ the first time round, or felt that they never reached their potential because they or others didn’t believe in them; and I train interested people, parents and teachers to use my methods to develop their skills or support their children at home, either with homework, or home-schooling, in small workshops, so they can pass on what they have learned. Most importantly I try to teach and train anyone who wants to learn HOW to learn.

I am a Buzan trainer, teaching the use of Mind Mapping. This means that I have learned a way of facilitating both retention of information studied, and retrieval through the use of mind maps and other simple but liberating techniques. As a dyslexic myself I found this method of retaining and retrieving information utterly liberating and when I can I try to pass this on.

ttt_in26Using mind maps is a skill that is best taught before it is needed in earnest for higher studies, so I really encourage the development of it from 6 -7 yrs onward. However I have worked with children just entering their GCSE years to help them develop this method and it has had amazing results.

Just if all the above were not enough!

I am also a qualified, and suitably insured herbalist and conduct regular, hands on, teaching workshops and talks on herbalism for the home and family and teach people how to make and use their own simple remedies.

I am a regular speaker at the Springfield Herbal Sanctuary.

ttt_in29As I hope you can see, everything I do is to try to facilitate the learning process in child and student alike. I generally don’t care about the age of the learner, or what another person has said they can or cannot do. I care that they still want to learn, or that I can still spark that desire to learn through the methods I use. I care deeply that all people should have the opportunity to really learn, lifelong, anything they wish, the best way they can.

Education should not feel like a straitjacket, by which you pass or fail according to a limited set of rules and criteria. It is a broad doorway to independent thought, growth, and personal development for all ages.

Here’s to a vision for a real education that is truly according to need, fit for life and empowering all people to claim their birth-right, the right to learn and reach their highest and best.

You can see some of the things I am passionate about on my Facebook page.