Lynne is one of the most experienced and well-qualified tutors/childminders I have ever met, although she would never say so herself.

She is patient and nurturing, always bringing out the best in everyone, (children and her brilliant team alike). Her approach, like her set-up is fabulous; every nook and cranny is filed with beautiful, carefully chosen resources to suit every age and need.

Her wonderful Montessori approach is perfect for my son and he is so excited to go there. Lynne, Mimz and Jane understand a whole range of additional needs and, (unlike many), they really get it! As an ex-primary school teacher and an SEN tutor myself, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Holly Swinton

Lynne is a very dear friend and colleague.

Her Montessori setting, based in Kenilworth, is clearly outstanding.

Her commitment, passion, integrity and creative ability, focused towards all her children, means she works tirelessly to bring about an individualistic approach to each child, to enable them to reach their own potential.

Her approach is unique so therefore it lends itself to a better understanding of the true nature of children.

Sue Donovan

D’ and A’ love their time at Lynne’s and Mimz house.

They are always very excited about coming.

It is a lovely setting, so homely, welcoming, and comfortable.

I just asked D what the best thing about Lynne’s house was he said “Lynne and Mimz”.

Ms M.

Lynne and Mimz have been caring for our three children, two of whom have ASD. Lynne has a wealth of knowledge in SEND and has been invaluable to us as parents in suggesting strategies we can use with our children.

The Montessori method they adopt encourages our children to be independent and all three are more confident as a result.

We all feel welcome in their home; their positivity, and love for caring children is apparent through their excellent practice, and evident in our children’s faces when we arrive to pick them up.

K. M.

Lynne and Mimz understand C’ very well and have created a structure for her after school so that she understands and can pre-empt what is happening throughout the session.

Mrs R.

I have known Lynne Tynan-Cashmore for over fifteen years in my capacity as Curriculum Manager and Head of Department at Hereward College, Coventry from 1990 to 2014. I was also a Teacher Training Mentor for Birmingham City University.

Lynne is a highly-accomplished educator. She has considerable experience and expertise in teaching students who have Dyslexia and other complex literacy needs.

Lynne adopts a meticulous, student-centred approach so that each of her students benefits from an individually-tailored programme.

She is extremely innovative and enthusiastic in her teaching and her design and use of resources. She is particularly skilled in the use of multi-sensory education and Montessori methodology. This has led to many positive breakthroughs in her students’  learning.

Lynne has worked with a broad range of students from those with significant learning disabilities to higher achievers. She is able to adapt to their different educational requirements. She has worked very effectively with learners who have physical disabilities, autism and mental health issues.

Anyone meeting Lynne will immediately recognise her love of teaching and her commitment to her students. In addition to motivating them to develop their literacy skills, she has enabled them to develop their independence, enhance their self-confidence and self-image and to participate more actively in their communities.

Education is the driving force in Lynne’s life and this is reflected in her outstanding dedication.

Mr P Hinksman

Our family have known Lynne for almost 20 years.

She has been a great teacher of Montessori methods and we have benefitted from her wisdom and experience, both in a school setting and at times when we have home-educated.

I would highly recommend her to anyone considering sending their children to her. The breadth of teaching is enormous- from practical skills like baking and sewing, to all the necessary academic subjects , from maths and English, to science and history.

Every child, no matter what age or ability will benefit from Lynne’s wisdom, both short-term, and as an indelible and beautiful influence for a lifetime.

Nicky Garrett

My 4 year old daughter Lily has been going to Lynne and Mimz house after school for the past 2 months. In a very short time Lily settled into this homely environment and quickly came to adore Lynne and Mimz, the other children in their care and their two lovable pet cats. Lily is so excited when she knows that it’s a Mimz pick-up day and she is never in a hurry to come home!

I have no hesitation in recommending this setting to any local parents. We feel very blessed to have discovered such a genuinely nurturing childcare location right on our doorstep. Lily’s excitement and affection for both Lynne and Mimz is proof of the genuine energy, love, fun and child focus that is generously given to the children.

Lynne and Mimz devote themselves and their home to the children in their care. The lounge and dedicated classroom space are filled with the most delightful wooden toys, fun games and educational resources. Lynne and Mimz are passionate about children, learning and genuinely getting to know each child in their care to help them flourish. The abundance of both experience and enthusiasm, gives this setting an obvious 10 out of 10 from my perspective. The childcare for Lily has exceeded all my expectations and we couldn’t be happier!

Mrs K.

I have known Lynne for well over ten years, and worked with her for much of that time.

Her starting point is always the individual child. She takes the time to observe, listen and talk to him or her. She then draws on her immense insight, perception, experience and professional skills to develop learning strategies specific to that child.

To watch those children blossom and achieve their true potential under her influence is a joy.

Sue Mackrell (MA Cert Ed)

Lynne is an educationalist to her very core; concerned with the development of each individual in her care.
She brings out personal ability and unique talent far beyond any state run system.
Her children know themselves and their potential thoroughly.
David McCormack, BA (Hons) MA PGCE 03.08.16

David McCormack

I have known Lynne for nearly ten years . I know of Her dedication and commitment to teaching children with the Montessori method. She is an inspiration to many other teachers, myself included.

Gabriella Paoletti

Lynne Tynan-Cashmore is an inspirational teacher with a deep knowledge and appreciation of Montessori’s philosophy and method of education and a passionate commitment to bringing to her pupils, whatever their age or ability, the love, joy and peace of learning through this method.

Highly skilled, hugely experienced, and very professional, she sets herself the highest possible standard in her work and this includes being radiantly sensitive to the needs of her pupils and their parents, to whom she shows great care, compassion and understanding.

A.L. Baker

I worked with Lynne a few years ago and l must say she was one of the best teachers I’ve ever worked with.

The students loved her and the way she taught them, plus the way she communicated that encouraged their learning.
All her hard work paid off when I saw many students with complex needs read a book.

The students made very good progress at the end of term; more confidence, independence, speech & language, writing.

Lynne Tynan-Cashmore you are a very inspiring lady. Thank you.

Elise McDowell

I have worked alongside Lynne working with students both with physical and learning disabilities. Throughout my time working with her she never failed to surprise me how dedicated she was to each student working on their own personal progress and their own individual goal.

I have many memories of Lynne and all what she achieved but I think the one I will treasure the most was the moment a young partially sighted girl read a book for the first time. Lynne supported her to achieve her dream and one I think will stay with her forever.

You are a very special teacher and one I loved working with.

Rachel Holtom

During the years that I worked with Lynne, I was struck by her dedication to ensuring each learner she worked with was included, valued, able to learn at their own pace but challenged where possible, to learn and to grow. Lynne’s holistic and patient, caring approach creates a safe environment in which learners can explore and achieve.

Tracy McSorley (Lecturer, Hereward College)