Hi! I am Lynne. I have worked in education for 24 plus years.

I started off as a St Nicholas Montessori International Teacher and worked at Speedwells Montessori with Val and Sarah who were partners. We had a fantastic team and were the first Montessori school in the Midlands to be accredited by Montessori.

I went on to qualify as a special needs teacher, and an adult education lecturer, subsequently working in local colleges for many years as part of a teacher trainer team, and with a wide variety of students with different degrees of difficulties.

Throughout this time I also tutored in the evenings and supported parents who were homeschooling, after having home-schooled my own children for different periods of time.

Now I have returned to my Montessori roots, as I am passionate about education, about allowing children to enjoy the learning process and about supporting parents in the choices they make for their children.

As I want to work from home to improve my quality of life, I have elected to childmind with my wonderful daughter, Mimz Tynan-Cashmore (Tynan’s Tiny Tots), who is a registered childminder in her own right, and works with me here at Montessori at Tynan’s, and she is also passionate about children.

Together I feel we have created a unique service to parents who are looking for a warm and inviting setting that nurtures children. By creating a prepared environment that is rich in stimuli and experiences, we hope it will support them in their learning, and create an atmosphere in which the parent can have complete trust as to the safety and well-being of their child.

I often work with Jane Ramos, who has her own setting, (Apple Blossoms Caterpillars, in Guy Rd). Working with Jane allows us as a threesome, to offer almost seamless care in case of emergencies, times of sickness or unforeseeable events that would otherwise cause parents inconvenience in care provision.

There are Montessori materials and lots of toys for all ages and of course lots of other wonderful things to do. Many of my toys are made from natural, environmentally sourced materials, and are beautiful to handle as well as providing all the stimuli and interest that other toys provide. I try to create a setting that is also environmentally friendly and for the most part I use natural cleaning ingredients and products, trying not to use harsh chemicals. If I have to use chemicals for some reason, they are never used when children are about.

I try to purchase toys that are in keeping with the Montessori principle of the ‘Peaceful Child’ so you will not find toy weapons or things that ultimately lead to an acceptance of violence. You will find beautifully crafted toys and materials, and the best of other toys as well.

I know how busy life is as a mum with little ones, there never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything so, although we promote the use of washable nappies, and can also offer a tester service for parents to try a range of different styles of nappies, before making the commitment to buying a whole set of new ones, I am more than happy to use whatever type of nappy the parents supply for their little one.

Though I am not a nursery, I cover most of the things that you would want to see in any nursery, just in a homely domestic setting. I do not provide meals, but drinks and snacks are freely available.

Being a mother of now four grown up children and many years of working with children, I have plenty of experience and qualifications.

My setting is open from 8 am to 5.30pm.

There is some flexibility for those working in the emergency services.

ttt_in28Before School Care

I offer before school care and can if in ratio, take your child to school at St John’s or Clinton.

I will ensure that, if necessary, your child has breakfast that you supply, and cleaned their teeth before leaving.

Though I start at 8 am, I can offer a certain amount of flexibility for those working in the Emergency services.

After School Care

I offer after school care, and I like to ensure that when your children are with me for after school/holiday time activities that I not only provide a warm and nurturing atmosphere but one in which they find a rich environment to further develop in all areas.

However, during term time I am also aware that your children have been at school all day and may very well be tired and need to take it a little easier. I always, where appropriate, support your child with getting their homework out of the way, sometimes using the Montessori materials to support the understanding of concepts. After that I offer all the activities of the environment, where appropriate, and a short time of children’s T.V or age/group appropriate videos.

Obviously there is only a relatively short time before you collect your child, so large projects, themes or actual teaching/lessons will not take place.

Holiday Care

I offer holiday care for working families who need it, or just need a little space during such a busy period.

ttt_in09Priority is given to parents who already use my service, but ratio’s allowing, spaces for solely holiday care may be available.

The children have access to all the wonderful Montessori materials and other resources at the setting and are encouraged to explore and stretch their skills.

The children share in planning their holiday activities, and often a simple theme will be running through the time they are with me. There is a large garden in which they can play freely, and they have their own gardening patches, if they wish to plant flowers or vegetables. There are rainy day activities available for a very wide age range, and of course, always cooking. I do not provide meals, but drinks and snacks are freely available.

Child-minding for 8 yrs and over

As an Ofsted registered Childminder I am permitted, under EYFS, to care for children aged 8 years and over, providing the care I provide for them doesn’t impact on the care for the younger children I am registered to care for, and providing it falls within the total number of children I am insured for.

I am happy to mind children 8 years and over and will provide them with age appropriate resources and a quiet area for studying if required, however I do require that they set an excellent role model for the other children in our care, being polite, saying please and thank you etc. I endeavour to provide age appropriate activities and introduce new skills in many areas to aid development in many practical life as well as having as much fun as possible.

No child would ever be asked to care or look after another minded child.

My passion is quality care for children.

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I hope that my Tynan’s site inspires you and makes you want to get in touch with me to find out more.