Hi! I am Lynne. I have worked in education for 24 plus years.

I started off as a St Nicholas Montessori International Teacher and worked at Speedwells Montessori with Val and Sarah who were partners with me in our new adventure. We had a fantastic team and were the first Montessori school in the Midlands to be accredited by Montessori.

I went on to qualify as a special needs teacher, and an adult education lecturer, subsequently working in local colleges for many years as part of a teacher trainer team, and with a wide variety of students with different degrees of difficulties.

Throughout this time I also tutored in the evenings and supported parents who were home-schooling, after having home-schooled my own children for different periods of time.

I am passionate about teaching; I love teaching all ages and have been supporting home school parents, daytime and evening classes at local colleges, and after school tuition for children and adults for many years.

I believe that all children want to learn, and that many adults feel they can’t!

I believe that given the right conditions and approach, which is not just about teaching, but about relationship, all people can learn, and can reach a personal potential that empowers them.

In HomeSchool support, I will not take the lead in your child’s education, I am not running a school; but I will support what you are doing and offer you support too, and if wished, training, to use my unique approach which has proven successful many times.

I can currently only accommodate homeschool support or tuition support during the daytime if I am in ratio, providing that any other work I undertake doesn’t impact on the care for the children I am registered to care for, and providing it falls within the total number of children I am insured for.

As an adult teacher trainer/lecturer, Montessori teacher and a special needs teacher, I am happy to work within a wide age range, though I do not do GCSE’s, feeling that this stage is more appropriately dealt with in school or college. However I do a great deal of work in supporting children in helping them to secure underpinning knowledge and filling in the gaps where these become apparent.

I approach all teaching from discovering what the child’s current knowledge base is, where they demonstrate gaps and determining underpinning knowledge that may be a little weak. I use a Montessori, multisensory style, with the experience of over 24 years of work with children and adults of all kinds of needs and abilities.

I have a very wide range of Montessori and other materials and activities that are used for children from birth to teenage years. A multisensory education makes it particularly suitable for children with special needs or a different learning style.

Training for parents to use Montessori, multisensory teaching methods for support or home-schooling is offered to individuals and small groups, and takes place when children are not being cared for. See my Tynan’s Teaching & Training page or contact me for further details.