Just thinkin about Fundamental British Values, as you do.

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Hi there every one. I received a link through MBK training that I subscribe to. The link was about Fundamental British Values and how we already promote them in Early Years settings but are perhaps unaware of it.
Please note, I have edited the article slightly for use on here, but the link to the original is at the bottom of the page.

Fundamental British Values
Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework includes an entire section on including fundamental British values across all levels of education.

DEMOCRACY: Within the Early Years we ask children all the time to share their views and experiences, we talk all the time about respecting and understanding other people’s views, we ask them what they would like to do, what they would like the role play area to be etc, we encourage turn taking, sharing collaboration – all of this is democracy.

RULE OF LAW: How many times have you heard yourself say, “Only 3 people allowed in the role play area” and then spend time negotiating with the children who is going to come out, because there are too many children in there? How many times have you heard yourself saying, “we only have kind hands in nursery, we do not hurt our friends” then we talk about consequences if they carry on, do we not ask all the children to help at tidy up time? – this is rule of law.

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY/ FREEDOM FOR ALL: All working in the EYFS sector promote children’s self-esteem every day. We build up confidence in their own abilities, we encourage risk taking, we ask children about their feelings, we talk about differences, we negotiate arguments and help children understand that everyone has a right to their own opinions etc. – this is individual liberty/freedom for all.

MUTUAL RESPECT AND TOLERANCE: All working in the EYFS sector have been inclusive for many, many years! We celebrate other religious festivals, we celebrate our own festivals, we share stories that reflect non stereo typical images, and we challenge children if they say inappropriate things to their friends.


All Montessori grace and courtesy exercises are designed to develop the child’s awareness of others and their innate rights to be respected, heard and valued.
The exercises start with giving the child ‘ground rules’ on personal behaviour which impacts on others, then broadens out swiftly to explain behaviours that are kind, inclusive and respectful.
Children are also given unambiguous modeling and support in understanding their part in conflict, and in conflict resolution. Through the use of the ‘Montessori Peace Table’ they are supported in developing this skill for use in a real situation.

Through our use of ‘The World’s Children’ continent folders, children are introduced to the richness and diversity of other cultures. The parallel use of the festival packs and associated cooking, crafts, and other activities further broaden the child’s understanding of the world, and the respect that all deserve, regardless of their apparent differences to our own way of living and culture.
The main body of this work may be found by following the link below. If you wish to discover more about the Montessori ‘Grace and Courtesy Exercises’ do get in touch.

“Establishing a lasting peace is the work of education; all politicians can do is keep us out of war.”
– Maria Montessori
Links to articles on the Montessori Peace Table

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Fundamental British Values

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    Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for your comments, great to see our articles shared out as well. Did you notice we did the practitioners products on Foundation Focus as well? They include the FBV’s and also information about Prevent and other statutory links. Thought it might be of interest.

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      Hi there. I am sorry I didn’t respond sooner, this has only just flagged up!
      Yes I love your site and all the links on it and would highly recommend it to others.

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