Herbal home aid/first aid workshop.

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As you may know, as well as having the awesome vocation of working with children and adults of all ages, to help them reach their potential, I am also a naturopath/herbalist.

I love the way we can use herbs to support our health and well being, and I often run workshops to help any who are interested in developing their herbal knowledge and taking active steps to support their families health.

I have a series of workshops coming up which is designed to explore using herbs for general ailments which we are all subject to, and basic home aid/first aid. (This is NOT a firsts aiders course.)

The first workshop is on the 25th of February.
9am – 4pm
Bring some and share fun lunch.
The cost is £60.00 for the workshop, the cost to be divided equally between the number of attendees.
Further dates will be arranged during the first workshop for the convenience of all who are attending.
Recaps are always done to promote learning so you could start on the next workshop (TBA) if necessary.
However there is a possibility of a shortened version during the summer holiday.

Do let me know by 13.02.17 if you are interested. Sadly places are limited so it is first come first served.

Further details as to what you need to bring will be given when you have indicated your interest in joining us.

Have a great day. The sun is shining here.

Lynne 🙂

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