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I have had the most awful ‘d and v’ ever! (That is diarrhoea and vomiting for those of you who don’t know.)
I know its not something we like to talk about, but let’s face it, we’ve all had it at some point.
I was so ill I swear I was in the bathroom more than in the bed, and I could do nothing for 24 hours. It had me beat. So of course, I had to cancel sessions for 48hrs from last symptom which was a pain to me and my mum’s. This got me thinking.
So often, because of financial constraints parents will often try to get their kids back in to the setting earlier than 48hrs after last symptoms, and you can’t blame them because they lose money when not at work, but, and here is the big one, if they realised just how virulent these bugs were, AND the potential, unconsidered consequences, they wouldn’t do it.
As a childminder and educationalist, I have lots of children coming through my doors, with of course their parents. Some of those mums and dads can potentially be pregnant, (well, strictly speaking the dads can’t be pregnant, but their wives could be… lol…) immune compromised or related to those who are either. That of course is a very wide range of possibly infected people, who then become infectious and pass it on further. To immune compromised people a simple D & V bug could be life threatening, to a pregnant woman it could be potentially damaging to an unborn fetus. Of course its not just D & V oh no…. its any kind of virulent bug that knocks you off your spot for more than 24hrs. (One of my wonderful mums pointed out that this time of year the d & v is most likely NOROVIRUS)
So, if your child is sick, so poorly that they can’t do anything except sit around feeling miserable, and they definitely don’t want to play then they should stay at home, being loved up and cuddled in familiar surroundings. If they have such a high temperature that they need medication to bring it down, they should stay in a consistently even temperature, at home. If they have D & V they should NOT go any where, not even the Drs, where there are other people at potential risk for 48 hrs after LAST symptoms. It just isn’t worth the risk of making others ill.
So, just to finish off, with the, once again, wonderful nudge from one of my mums, here is the link to the NHS Norovirus information. It’s a REALLY useful site.


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