Silver linings.

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Just when things seem to be so dark, something beautiful happens.

Mimz and I received this yesterday…

My 4 year old daughter Lily has been going to Lynne and Mimz house after school for the past 2 months. In a very short time Lily settled into this homely environment and quickly came to adore Lynne and Mimz, the other children in their care and their two lovable pet cats. Lily is so excited when she knows that it’s a Mimz pick-up day and she is never in a hurry to come home !

I have no hesitation in recommending this setting to any local parents. We feel very blessed to have discovered such a genuinely nurturing childcare location right on our doorstep. Lily’s excitement and affection for both Lynne and Mimz is proof of the genuine energy, love, fun and child focus that is generously given to the children.

Lynne and Mimz devote themselves and their home to the children in their care. The lounge and dedicated classroom space are filled with the most delightful wooden toys, fun games and educational resources. Lynne and Mimz are passionate about children, learning and genuinely getting to know each child in their care to help them flourish. The abundance of both experience and enthusiasm, gives this setting an obvious 10 out of 10 from my perspective. The childcare for Lily has exceeded all my expectations and we couldn’t be happier!


We were so touched.  Thank you.

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