The self-creating child

The self-creating child

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Have you ever really noticed the utter concentration given to a task that a child is fully engaged on?  How they become deaf and unresponsive to all other stimuli until their task is completed?  Montessori noted this this, and she also noted that after the task was done, sometimes endlessly repeated it would seem, and then the child would be tired but refreshed.

This motive of repetition is not enforced by the adult directoress/teacher, but by the child’s inner drive to create new ‘mental pathways’ in the growing mind.  The child is in fact constantly creating themselves from the stimuli found within the environment, whatever that may be.

What do I mean by ‘creating themselves’?  Well you the parents or teachers supply the framework within which the child will learn, because they want to…  (Well usually but that’s another post another time lol).  When they started to roll over, crawl, walk, they didn’t do it because you decided it was time… generally speaking there is an inner drive in the child that compels them to move and to follow the stimuli to increase movement.  That leads to more stimuli, more movement, and more encouragement from care givers.  It’s the same with speech.  The child has been absorbing ‘mother tongue’ from within the womb, and after its birth.  The subtle mimicry of mouth movement is the start of the child’s need to communicate with you; every time you smile or respond to these movements you stimulate further… after this little sounds start to be made and then discernible words start to form and so quickly, within two to two and a half years you have a little chatterbox following you speaking ten to the dozen, asking questions, singing songs with all the complexity of your mother tongue. The child does this from absorbing the stimuli around him, and you support this self-creation.  Awesome!

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